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Lunar Eclipse 28th July 2018

Grahan Timings Start : 28th July 4:24 am End: 28th July 7:26 am Sutak Start: 27th July (Friday) 7:24 pm End: 28th July (Saturday) 7:26 am Sutak (Kids) Start: 28th July (Saturday) 1:26 am End: 28th July (Saturday) 7:26 am

Chaturmaas 23rd July – 19th November

Prayer to the Lord prior to taking Niyam: ‘Oh Lord! (or Swami!) – Please give me strength and courage so that I may follow my chosen niyam. Confide in the saints of which niyam you are taking and request them to remind you frequently about your niyam. Oh Lord! with your grace, I will do…. Devshayni […]

Guru Purnima – 27th July 2018

GURU – The Spiritual Master Ashadh Sud 15 (Punam) in the English calendar months of July-August is celebrated as Guru Purnima also known as Vyas Purnima. ‘Gu’ means darkness of ignorance (Agnan) and ‘Ru’ means that which dispells hence Guru is the dispeller of darkness of ignorance. It was initiated by the disciples of  Krishna […]

Hindola Utsav 28th July – 27th August

Hindola Utsav This festivals is celebrated yearly during the Chaturmass (Monsoon Season) between Ashadh and Shravan (July – August). A “Hindolo” is a swing. A Chal (Mobile) murti of HariKrishna Maharaj, known fondly as “Lalji” (A childhood form of Bhagwan Swaminarayan), is placed in the Hindolo. The arrival of these festivities usher a new wave of devotion […]