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Knox Diwali e-Festival 2021

A one of its kind event. This year’s Knox Diwali e-Festival 2021 will be a virtual event as the name suggests. We have been having this event every year, this year is different and unique. As unique as 2021 the event line up is interesting full of fun, entertainment, workshops and lots of activities. The […]

Knox Diwali e-Festival EOI

Expression of Interest are now open for the Knox Diwali e-Festival 2021. If you are interested in participating in any of the activities, please fill in the form below and one of the members from the organizing team will get in touch with you.

Guru Purnima 24th Jul 2021

Ashadh Sud 15 (Punam) in the English calendar months of July-August is celebrated as Guru Purnima also known as Vyas Purnima. ‘Gu’ means darkness of ignorance (Agnan) and ‘Ru’ means that which dispells hence Guru is the dispeller of darkness of ignorance. It was initiated by the disciples of  Krishna Dvaipayan Vyas better known as […]

Chaturmaas 20th Jul 2021 – 15th Nov 2021

The Origins of Chaturmaas King Bali was the grandson of Prahladji, and grew up with the guidance of his grandfather which gave him a good sense of righteousness and bhakti. When King Bali succeeded his grandfather, he became King of the Demons. Bali Raja’s kingdom expanded quickly in all directions, even up towards heavens and […]

Hindola Utsav 25th Jul 2021 – 24th Aug 2021

The Hindola utsav is celebrated from Ashadh Vad 2 to Shravan Vadh 2. The origins of the divinity of Hindola go back to Vrindavan, 5000 years ago where the Gopis swayed Lord Krishna on a decorated swing. The Hindola utsav has a special status in the Hindu dharma due to this event because of the […]

Shraavan Maas – 9th Aug 2021 – 7th Sep 2021

Shravana is the holiest month of the year for Devotees. All devout followers of Sanatana Dharma around the world observe austerities in this month with great reverence and devotion. Each day of the month has its own significant value. Somvaara – Monday – known as Shravan Somvar, is a special day for Lord Shiva. Managalavaara […]