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NarNarayan Dev Jayanti & Fuldol Utsav – 28th March 2021

This festival marks the birth of Lord Nar and Lord Narayan. They were born as sixteen year olds to father Dharmadev and mother Murtidevi at Narayan Ghat along the banks of the Sabarmati River. Nar Narayan took birth to defeat the evil demon Kunchi, who wanted immortality. By performing penance to please Lord Brahma, Kunchi […]

SSTM 9th Patotsav 22-26 Jan 2021

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Melbourne will be celebrating its 9th Patotsav from the 22nd January to the 26th January 2021. The Pothi Yatra will be on the Thursday 21st January 2021. Please see the poster below for more details. The entire event will be broadcasted live on our website, youtube channel and facebook page. Watch Live […]

Tulsi Vivah 29/11/2020

This day marks the marriage of Lord Vishnu (Shaligram) with Tulsi Devi. Vrinda, the daughter of Kushdhvaj, married the son of the Ocean Demi-God, Jaalandhar. Vrinda was very beautiful and chaste wife (Pativrata). This made Jaalandhar very powerful. He started harassing pious being all over the world with his atrocities. Once he saw Devi Parvati […]

Vaman Jayanti – 30 Aug 2020

Vaman Jayanti is normally celebrated as a half day vrat upvas. This year Vaman Jayanti will be observed as a half day vrat upvas. The festival of Vaaman Jayanti celebrates the birth of Lord Vaman on the 12th day of the bright half of the month of Bhadarvo. In the 3rd Vachanamrut of Gadhda Pratham Prakran, Lord […]

Ganesh Chaturthi – 22nd Aug 2020

Sadguru Shatanand Swami names Lord Swaminarayan as below within the Sarvamangala Namavali સર્વમંગલ નામાવલી – મંત્ર ૮૨૯ ૐ લડ્ડુકાદીષ્ટગણપાય નમઃ ભાદરવા શુદ ૪ ના દિવસે ગોળના લાડું, દુર્વા, વગેરે પૂજન સામગ્રીથી ગણપતિની પૂજા કરનારા   Sarvamangala Namavali Mantra No. 829 Aum Laḍḍukādīṣhṭagaṇapāya namah Bhādaravā shud 4 nā divase goḷanā lāḍun, durvā, vagere pūjan sāmagrīthī gaṇapatinī pūjā karanārā I bow to the Lord who performed worship of Ganapati with Ladoo (made […]

Rakshabandhan – 3rd August 2020

“Raksha” means protection, “bandhan” means bound or binding. Raksha Bandhan celebration, started tens of thousands of years ago. Bhavishya Puran cites a story that the devas once battled with the danavas (demons) for twelve years. However, the devas lost, including the mighty Indra. So they prepared to fight again. On this occasion, Indrani tied a […]