Victorian Cycling Law

Cycling safety and visibility

  • When riding a bike, you must wear an approved helmet, securely fitted and fastened.
    1. Religious and medical exemptions may apply.
  • Your bike must have at least one effective brake and working bell (or similar warning device).
  • You can’t carry more people on your bike than what the bike is designed to carry, and all passengers must sit on their seat.
  • Face forward on your seat when riding and ensure at least one hand is always kept on the handlebars.
    1. You can only use a mobile phone while riding to make or receive audio calls, listening to music or as a GPS as long as the phone can be used wirelessly or is secured in a commercially designed holder. More information on using technology on the road can be found in our mobile phones section.
  • Bicycle riders involved in a crash are required to give their details, and those of the owner of the bicycle, to any person who had been injured or the owner of any property that has been damaged.

Riding on bike lanes, paths and footpaths

Bike lanes

  • You can ride on the road unless signs say otherwise, and if there’s a bike lane you must use it unless it is impractical to do so (for example, if it is blocked or there is a parked car).
  • Bicycles may use bus lanes unless a sign prohibits it.

Footpaths and shared paths.

  • On a footpath or shared path, you must:
    1. Give way to pedestrians
    2. Keep left unless it is impractical to do so.
    3. Slow down and ring your bell when overtaking.
  • Children under 13 can ride on footpaths. Medical exemptions may apply.
  • Bicycle riders aged 13 years or older can only ride on footpaths if they’re accompanying and supervising a child under 13.
  • Bicycle riders aged 18 years or older can ride on the footpath if they have a child in a child bike seat, or pedalling on a hitch bike.
    1. A rider 18 years or older may ride on a footpath with a rider 13 years or older if the younger rider has a medical or other exemption allowing them to ride on the footpath.
  • You can’t ride on a footpath where signs or road markings indicate it’s not allowed (shared bike paths can be identified by a painted bike or pedestrian on a sign or the path).

General Rules & Regulations

  • Only Participants over the age of 16yrs can take part in the Cycling event.
  • A colour code of blue should be worn for the event.
  • If it’s a Sunny Day, please ensure you have necessary UV Protection items.
  • Kindly, bring refillable water bottle to stay hydrated at all times.
  • Refill stations will be available at checkpoints.