Mahima Extract

  • Instructions

    • We need your help for getting quotes related to Mahima of Bhagwan, Santos, Haribhaktos and Shastras.
    • The clippings can be extracted from Dharmakul, Santos and Sankh Yogi bai speeches.
    • You must provide a link of the video/audio you obtained the information from.
    • You are not required to edit the video/audio, instead just submit your link with the timings and we will take care of the editing.
    • You can provide multiple links in a single submission by adding additional rows.
    • If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Dikeshbhai or Atulbhai.

  • Sample Entry

    Links Timings 09:02-10:15 01:53-02:41 & 4:00-4:23
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