A Brief Intro to Bal Mandal

Ever since the Temple opening in Melbourne, there has been an emphasis on the spiritual development of children. With the grace of Swaminarayan Bhagwan, Bal Sabha was established in 2006. The primary aim of the Bal Sabha is to develop Satsang and spirituality in the young children. These objectives are achieved through the regularly Saturday classes. We try our very best for children to derive maximum benefit from these sessions and realize that religion and spiritualism are required in our daily lives.
In addition to Satsang education, the children do take part in many other activities which include, but are not limited to:-

  • Termly exams
  • Quiz (both internal and competing against) the adults
  • Diwali card , Rangoli & Aarti Thali etc
  • Clean up Australia Day
  • Tree Planting event
  • Kirtan Singing
  • Excursion Trips
  • And many other general duties for and behalf of the Temple.

The students have kept on increasing year on year .These children show a lot of interest and get involved in Bal Sabha. In the modern era it is very important that our young children are aware of the importance and essence of our religion and spiritual values that help them be a better human being in the community.