A Brief Intro to Yuvati Mandal

The Yuvati Mandal started in December 2008 shortly after the Yuvak Mandal was formed. It consists of young disciplined girls and ladies. The Yuvati mandal held its sabha at one of the Yuvika’s house as we did not have mandir premises then. The sabha is now currently held at Mandir premises on last Friday of every month. We started as a fairly small group of Yuvikas and now with time we have become bigger.

Over the years, we have brought in a new concept of a group activity. We have formed groups of Yuvika’s where each group does various activities in the monthly sabha.

As the Yuvikas attending the satsang has increased, we are still urging more to join. Let’s get together and teach the values and ethics we have been taught by our elders to our children. Together we can educate them on Swaminarayan Sampraday and pass on the legacy.